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ASMR star is a game about running an internet ASMR video channel. 

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WASD / arrow keys for movement & ENTER to pick things up (supports gamepad control as well). 

Esc returns to the menu

P is save

In the videos themselves you can mute the little snap sound with M if you want to, or speed the comments up by holding F

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Newest build 27.1.18: lots of things much improved -> one ending is completely finished now . Quite a lot of new event emails posible. Lots of event-lines now in. Money system is basically working. Other probably-not-obvious improvements like making the save system better too. I'm gradually getting more competent as the project goes on so new stuff tends to be better than the oldest stuff.

- - - - -

Previous version notes: much swankier menu, a new room, loads more possible props, an email system so you can get requests for certain sorts of video, better/crisper drawing for certain parts and lots of other assorted nonsense. Very suitable for people who don't like cyclists. It's about 2/3rds the length of what I imagined it being originally now, though I'll probably have a tinker with a few things and add a couple of ideas to this form of it before I start on the final section.

New version is windows-only at the moment; it's a headache doing mac builds in Game Maker so I'm going to wait until I've sorted out the new stuff I'm working on at the minute before I wrestle with that again (I will do it, though!). Also, it's getting to be a fairly big file for an indie thing now, but I had to decide between [compressed audio and a smaller file} or better sound and a file of this size, and as the audio's important to it I went with this. I might put up a more-compressed version if it seems like people would want that at some point.

Published Aug 09, 2017
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tagsasmr, Casual, Comedy, Funny, GameMaker
Average sessionA few minutes


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Just a heads up, I'm getting a hard crash when trying to make a video with the brush and the lucha mask. ;3 Super funny otherwise!

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I will get straight on it! Thanks for letting me know
EDIT - fixed now