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ASMR star is a game about running an ASMR video channel on the internet. 

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WASD / arrow keys for movement & ENTER to pick things up (supports gamepad control as well). 

Esc returns to the menu

P is save

In the videos themselves you can mute the little snap sound with M if you want to, or speed the comments up by holding F

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17.12.18 - There's a problem with the Mac version whereby pressing the relevant number key doesn't let you view messages your character's received - I've fixed this in the code now but the Apple developer certificate renewal process is opaque and difficult and I can't currently get GM to make a mac build. I've left this build up so anyone who wants to play without NPC messages can do so but be warned that you'll miss a fair amount of the plot/tasks/jokes. I will work on the certificate thing in the meantime... (If anyone can help, please comment below. It's an odd bug - keyboard_check_pressed doesn't work on the mac, but keyboard_check does, and either works in the PC build)

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UPDATE 29.7.18 - *100-download edition!*

Added a few fun/silly things to celebrate having 100 downloads. Also tidied up weak sponsorship storyline.

13.4.18 - *new version*

Substantial update - new room and new ending added, so all bar the very final room is finished. Choices made in the second room can lead to three possible endings now (the last one of which isn't done yet). Added a fair few items & one ridiculous sound effect. Deliberately haven't added screenshots of new stuff because the discovery is at least part of the fun... Both versions updated. 

I'll work on the final room now when I've got time (though the art bits probably take more work than anything else & I'm not great at them so it will be a little while), but there are a couple of fun, silly extra ideas I want to add so I may do them first.

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Mac version updated 4.4.18: same as the current Windows version now. I was honestly surprised at the mac/pc balance of downloads as it's actually been slightly mac skewed so I wanted to make sure an up-to-date version was up.

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27.1.18: lots of things much improved -> one ending is completely finished now . Quite a lot of new event emails posible. Lots of event-lines now in. Money system is basically working. Other probably-not-obvious improvements like making the save system better too. I'm gradually getting more competent as the project goes on so the new stuff tends to be better than the oldest stuff.

- - - - -

Previous version notes: much swankier menu, a whole new room, loads more possible props, an email system so you can get requests for certain sorts of video, better/crisper drawing for certain parts and lots of other assorted nonsense. Very suitable for people who don't like cyclists. It's about 2/3rds the length of what I imagined it being originally now, though I'll probably have a tinker with a few things and add a couple of ideas to this form of it before I start on the final section.


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Just a heads up, I'm getting a hard crash when trying to make a video with the brush and the lucha mask. ;3 Super funny otherwise!

(2 edits)

I will get straight on it! Thanks for letting me know
EDIT - fixed now