First build just about ready

This is more or less ready to put up now.

There's lots I can still do on it - I think it'd be good to have the possibility of playing it to make genuinely soothing things, and the videos being animated with comments and the snap sound effect on the comments work against that at the moment, so a mode/toggle without them might be good. I might have a tinker with some sort of relaxing visualiser thing.

The speed at which your channel grows might need tweaking (might be too slow at the moment, though you do get more subs/views for the same quality video as your subscriber base grows), and I'm not sure whether to take out props the player's used after each video. It'd add a sort of puzzle element to it where you might have to try to choose the least-bad prop, but it might be annoying. It'd definitely be better if the room you choose props in had more interactivity and more sneaky hidden props that are possibles. I got a bit tired of making the art for things though and choosy room 2 isn't done at all yet so I can't face it for a bit. It's a big file for a little indie game as well, so I should probably swap wavs for mp3s. I'm also not sure whether me doing ridiculous ASMR performances is funny/an asset or a bit stupid. I can easily think of more daft ones if I try.

I will probably work on it more, though I'm having loads of ideas for other projects. It'd be good to get it to a properly playable fully realised state (and I don't think it'd be *that* much work now all the systems are in place - it can already generate names for the non-basement competitor channels) where you can start from nothing and grow it to take on the biggest channels on the internet.
It's very fun just having a silly idea and being able to make it, though, and I've learned loads making this.

Anyway, do I count as an indie dev now? Is there a t-shirt I get or something?


windows build 200 MB
Aug 08, 2017
mac build 202 MB
Aug 08, 2017

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