I just need to say..

I've seen and heard some comments around, on "messageboards" and "forums" and "my mum's various social media profiles" that ASMR Star is not entirely realistic in its depiction of the world of commodified video-channel audio content. Well, I just want to reassure anyone in any doubt that the game is extremely realistic and is, in fact exactly what would happen if you, the player, started an ASMR channel of your own. I can't, of course, explain how it does that here lest developers of less inspiration and moral fibre than myself pounce upon the trade secrets like greedy gulls, eventually drowning the shining originality of my work in a sea of shameless derivatives, but suffice it to say it involves algorithms. And a member of the dev team knows a sociology teacher.

I hope that any potential players, wavering due to these baseless doubts about the scientific basis of the material, may now enjoy the  simulation with all the confidence it warrants*.

* I am in fact in negotiation with a number of schools careers services, eager to use this game as a resource for the young minds they seek to serve.

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