A downloadable comic

Ray Smashfoot is a comic created using panels from an old football strip
called Roy of the Rovers, re-ordered with rewritten dialogue to make
new stories. I don't mean any disrespect to that strip, I just like
playing with the sort of football archetypes and cliches it was based around.

* * *

I haven't done a lot of creating comics for readers before, so I've made this a .cbr file because it seems that's best(?) but say if you'd rather I did it differently. I made all the old ones in Flash but that seems like a bad idea now (and it only occasionally had little bits of animation so losing that is okay).

UPDATE - added pdf version

* * *

If you're really keen, the old ones are here, although the site used to play up sometimes and as Flash is on the way out I've not updated it for a good while:


Install instructions

This is a .cbr file so should work with comics readers


Ray_Smashfoot_ex_pro_special.pdf 7 MB
Ray Smashfoot - ex-pro special.cbr 6 MB